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Google Will Achieve 100% Renewable Energy This Year

Image: Google

Google has announced that it will be running entirely on renewable energy by the end of 2017. That includes both their data centers and offices which will run completely on wind and solar energy.

The company first announced its determination to reach this goal last year. Google says it has created “new energy purchasing models that others can follow” and that “we’ve helped drive wide-scale global adoption of clean energy.” which was announced in Google’s 2017 environmental report.

It’s interesting to note that Google alone reportedly consumed as much energy as the entire city of San Francisco in a year.

Credit: Shawn Collins/Flickr

“We believe Google can build tools to improve people’s lives while reducing our dependence on natural resources and fossil fuels,” Google executive Urs Hölzle said in a blog post.

One recent decision the company has taken to prove their seriousness is a new initiative to equip Google Street View vehicles with air quality sensors.

Google is also working on achieving zero waste to landfill. Nearly half of the company’s 14 data centers have already reached this goal, according to Hölzle’s 2017 Google Environmental report.

Credit: Pixabay

Google has also announced in July that it would be buying its first wind farm from Norway, Tellenes wind farm. “We’ll purchase power as soon as the wind farm becomes fully operational” said a Google spokesman

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